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Worked on this one for a really long time... Hope you enjoy it. Open to suggestions, please.

Title: Sextet for Lovers
Rating: R (the first time I've ever found an acceptable reason to use 'fuck' in a poem, ever)
Genre: Sexual; this is the story of a sexual journey.

Sextet for LoversCollapse )

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Okay guys, I really need your help this time.

I had a flight of ideas this time. You may or may not recall my idea for a screen play this summer. Well, we might not have time for it, but I do still have this great idea for a script. I was telling Ian about it yesterday, and I'm just going to rip part of our conversation for you and put it here. But please please PLEASE let me know what you think of the idea, and if you have any ideas to go with it...

I'm really excited!
Eternal Sunshine meets Momento and Groundhog's DayCollapse )
I"m sorry that was a little length but I really hope you read the idea and will give me your opinion... =D I'm super excited!
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i wrote this in a good mood, lemme know what you think! its not my usual style.

title: here in a room
genre: song lyric/ poem
rated: g

blamerifficutaclular!Collapse )


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i wrote a new song!

title: the unrefuteable
genre: poem/lyric
rating: g

new song!Collapse )

and there it is
have fun, i wrote it without a thesaurus for a reason

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this was one was a first, i worked on it with andrea, she helped me through a lot of it, thank you! but i still want more critique.

title: of memoirs & metaphor
genre: poem
rating: R

of memoirs & metaphorCollapse )

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Let's give it up for a two-and-a-half year old poem that I just re-discovered.

Title: Consumer Art
Piece: Poem
Rating: G

Consumer ArtCollapse )

And, for shits and giggles, just to add to the community, another new one. I wrote this over the course of a few hours after overhearing a performance of "Jungleland" live on XM Radio. As such, it's got a more Springsteen touch to it (less narrative, more of a moment in time piece).

Title: Beachdance
Genre: Poem/Lyric
Rating: Well, it can be G, or it can be R. It depends on how you look at the way things are said, and what conclusion you make of it. I'll just call it PG-13 to be safe.

BeachdanceCollapse )
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Before I post this, can I please remind everyone that it is essential to comment on each other's pieces? I'm not seeing alot of that going on...

Anyways, this one is short. Kind of self-portrait-esque

Title: Sketch of a Poet
Genre: SHORT/description
Rating: G

Sketch...Collapse )

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So I spent a good bit of time staring blankly at the screen today. Wrote two lines, and walked away. Babbled on and on in class and came up with something, but I sort of like it. It doesn't have my usual format (word-count), and I played with a lot of ... word variation? So you tell me what you think.

If I could just find a portable, electronic/battery-powered thesaurasus, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Title: Ambiance of the Unspoken Mind
Genre: Poetry... sad?
Rating: This poem has not yet been... rated. Yeah.

Ambiance...Collapse )
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Humbly brought together through emotional memory, The Dreamers, and Bob Dylan. Came up with the feel of it while I was sitting in my car, smoking a cigarette and listening to The Replacement's "Skyway" and "Achin' To Be". So I guess they get some credit too.

I think this one is pretty okay; a little too much repetition, maybe, but I think that the rhythm of it got a bit dependent on those repetitions, so I can't really change it.

Title: Alone In My Bed
Genre: Poem/Lyric
Rating: PG (for thematic elements)

Alone In My BedCollapse )
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Title: New Sky
Genre: Poem/Lyric
Rating: G

New SkyCollapse )

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